A Call To End
Our leaders and our media cower to political correctness. Collectively, let's send a message that enough is ENUF!. Our decal is just the beginning. Let’s encourage a new generation of leaders to come forward. Purchase the Decal

Collectively, It's Time To Say Enough Is Enough.

In Regards To Leadership...

Political correctness makes leaders ineffective and weak. Real Leadership is defined by decisiveness, accountability, empathy, honesty, inspiration, and conviction. Political correctness stifles leadership and makes leaders cower to opinion. ENUF!

In Regards To Divisiveness...

Political correctness by its very nature divides people. It seeks to focus on what you can't or shouldn't say or do instead of seeking to be understood. It breeds "outrage" and protests. It creates an "us" VS "them" mentality. It's time to say ENUF!

In Regards To Safety...

Political correctness can make us less safe as a nation. Instead of policy that supports freedom and logical protections, political correctness breeds a policy of least "opposition". ENUF!

In Regards To The Media...

Political correctness can cause the media to ignore or slant stories based on the ideology of their viewer base, leading to a media bias that further divides people and focuses attention on what will drive ratings instead of facts and balanced reporting. ENUF!

In Regards To Tolerance...

Political correctness is often opposed to tolerance, even though the attempt at being politically correct is an effort to not offend any particular group of people. PC headlines and media tend to stir up division and cause outrage instead of a medium of conversation and understanding. ENUF!

Sean Hannity

"I’m happy to be a part of getting the word out about this new movement to #stoppolicitalcorrectness. http://enufpc.com #ENUF!"


Sean Hannity @seanhannity

It’s time for us all to stand up and say, “ENUF!”

We have coined the term “ENUF” to put on a decal for our car window. When people see it they will know where we stand. We are sick and tired of dishonest politicians cowed by political correctness and a vast media empire lying about it. ENUF!

Newt Gingrich

"Political correctness is the imposition of dogma that is factually false by threatening social isolation. It moves us toward Orwell's 1984 in which falsehoods masquerade as truth while reality is rejected as ‘unacceptable.’"


Newt Gingrich @newtgingrich

Let’s do something about it.

Political correctness causes timidity in the political class that prevents them from confronting facts and making hard decisions about the safety and security of the people they serve.

It is time for us to collectively express that we’ve had it.

We have no illusions about substituting bumper stickers for hard decisions, but our political leaders are avoiding hard decisions and it’s time to show support for those who will make them.

If millions of us express our outrage they might get the message. Our decal is just the beginning. Let’s encourage a new generation of leaders to come forward and act.

Enough with political correctness. Enough is ENUF!

ENUF! Window Decal